Aquaponic systems aren’t new

In fact, many cultures have used this beneficial cycle to grow crops and nurture fish as a food source. For example, the Nahua peoples (often called Aztecs) developed a system of building floating islands for food plants, called chinampas. Fish propagated around the islands, leaving their waste on the lake bottom, where it could be collected to fertilize the plants.

Modern aquaponics is slightly more high-tech—even using robotically driven systems to manage planting and conditions—but it’s still an efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce food.



Our practices

Our large-scale aquaponics system houses deep water culture (DWC) and media beds that can grow up to 4000 living lettuces and herbs each week. We also grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and citrus, planted in a range of media and nourished by aquaponics system nutrients. 

  • Our systems continuously improve fertility and environmental diversity.

  • All of our inputs are non-toxic. We do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides.

  • We feed our fish a sustainably produced diet designed specifically for aquaponics.

We are converting the rest of our farm into a permaculture food forest that will eventually produce a bounty of organically grown fruits, and vegetables, and nuts.

Our partnerships

East Texas Aquaponics is proud to serve communities and markets in northeast Texas. To reduce food miles, we offer fresh produce to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and communities exclusively within our home farm’s locality.

East Texas Aquaponics commits to donating at least 10% of the produce we grow to those without consistent access to healthy food. We maintain partnerships with Grow North Texas and multiple East Texas entities to provide freshly harvested produce free or at reduced prices each week.  




Our team


Richard Hasting | Managing Partner

Richard is ETX Aquaponics’ chief fish wrangler and plant whisperer. A certified Permaculture Designer through Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Research Institute, he loves living on a farm and helping things grow.

Suzanne Milne | Growing Specialist


Sharon Hasting | Managing Partner

As our plants and business grow, Sharon juggles dual careers as a software information developer at Bazaarvoice and CMO at ETX Aquaponics.

Aric Hasting | Automation Solutions

Aric’s our guy for farm automation (when he’s not killing it as a software professional in Austin).


Megan Hartvickson | Ops Manager

Our intrepid ops manager Megan is a fellow farmer and proficiency maven. Always on the lookout for ways to improve our workflow, she helps us keep our ducks in a row, figuratively and (sometimes) literally.


Want to know more?

Contact us about produce, partnerships, aquaponics, and system tours.