East Texas Aquaponics grows fresh, nutrient-dense produce in our advanced aquaponics systems. We offer our naturally grown greens to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and communities within our home farm’s northeast Texas locality. We feed the fish. The fish feed the plants. And the plants feed you!

Cultivating Change: Vote NOW!

We’re asking for your vote to help us win a much-needed grant from the 2018 Cultivating Change local farm grant program.

With this grant, we will be able to build a high-efficiency raft washing system to make sure our growing rafts stay really clean. Clean rafts help ensure the highest quality produce for you and your family.

Watch to learn more:

Here’s what you can do:

  • Vote for us every 24 hours from now through January 31, 2018.
  • Share this page with everyone!

Thank you for supporting your local, organic aquaponics farm. We’re growing for you!


Sign up for a tour at the East Texas Aquaponics greenhouse. We’d love to show you around and share why we believe aquaponics farming is changing the way we grow and harvest for the future.